I firmly believe that strange women lying in ponds, distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.
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Maddie | 21 | USA
omg your gifs about the guy who acted a lot in "Vincent and the Doctor"... that was literally the first thing I ever reblogged when I got Tumblr


actually, more coincidences — Before you followed me I had found your art blog through that Legolas lembas parody on the deodorant ad, and I remember looking at your URL and being like ‘hmmmmmm katinca? like Catinca Untaru? HMMMM I WONDER’

and then you followed me like a week or two later hHHHAAA

  1. justinripley said: when i made the artblog i literally couldn’t think of a free url… mum used to call me tinka when i was a kid, and katinka/catinca is the russian form of kathryn (my name) so i thought it fit!! but yes clearly we were destined for eachother
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